Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Equinox and Simplifying part 1

Greetings everyone & Blessings,

It has been quite a long time since I posted anything here. I feel like I’ve been stretched every which way since the time I last wrote! But alas… Time for me to pull on my "big girl boots" and get up on the horse again-lol.

Today is Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere~ also known as the Pagan sabbat of Mabon. So happy Autumn Equinox & Mabon to all of you! And Happy Spring Equinox to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!

The energy is powerful tonight and will be in the months ahead as well. Equinoxes are pivotal moments that ignite change; a time to reflect on how far we’ve come and put our gratitude, energy, intentions and prayers out there to the Universe & the Heavens as to what we wish to create in the months ahead.

Mabon is known as a time of second harvest before we go into the darker half of the year. To me it is a very special time of the year. Autumn is my favorite season and I am so ready for cooler weather! We also reap the fruit of what we have symbolically sewn in our lives. In addition, we have a full moon following right after. So celebrate tonight! Equally important is letting go… Now is a perfect time to do this. (And it is a message I have been reminded of many times!)

One thing that I crave now is simplicity. I have to admit there are times I just feel exhausted by the mundane earthly stuff- creating, cooking, the things we buy, sorting, cleaning, all the waste, recycling….Does it ever end? Lol I long for the days where I could manifest with a single thought with wand in hand! (Though yes that can be dangerous on the Earth plane with the ego paling along..)

One message I have received frequently is to “simplify simplify simplify!” And this is definitely a biggie when we are moving on to the next phase of our journey. Because we can’t take all that baggage with us when moving into our new and heavenly spaces, nor would we want to.

So, as mentioned earlier, this is a perfect time to clear away the old from our lives, which will make way for all the amazing things we want to manifest.

So what does “simplify” mean exactly? The main aspect of it is letting go of excess.

Letting go of what no longer serves you or your highest good but also anything that is weighing on you, your time and energy. I have to say the main thing is clutter. All forms of it. Yes, definitely in your home but I am going to start some other basics first.

So take a moment now and breathe… Think of what is pulling at your energy? Beckoning your attention? What do you need to simplify, to let go of? The first thing or ideas that pop in your head, trust and go with it. It may be as simple as tidying up your house or limiting your time on the internet or Facebook-lol.

For me this all started with simplifying things in the financial arena last year. I took a look at what was adding extra stress and eating up money, the first thing to go was cable tv. This decision was basically out of necessity but I am glad that my husband and I decided to let this go. I feel good about it now and don’t miss it much. It was an adjustment at first but I didn’t watch tv much anyway. Plus we still have dvds and NetFlix. J Oh and PS3 for hubby-lol.

One main thing that was pulling at my energy was that on tv. So I say to all of you, UnPlug yourself whenever possible! Free yourself! First of all, the media is very much fear based and focused on negativity. It is one of the best means to control people when you think about it. Do you ever actually feel good after watching the news? Plus we are inundated with advertising all the time- not just on tv but the radio, everywhere on the internet, billboards when you’re driving… I could go on… Its overwhelming. Remember the media won’t hesitate to misconstrue information and also lie for ratings.

Negativity, fear and more ads is not what I want to hear more of or focus on, it only brings my energy down. I choose what makes me feel positive and good, and tv wasn’t one of them. I prefer to focus on thoughts of peace, love and light. ;) So I unplugged. Best thing I’ve ever done!

I ask the Divine to let me know what I need to and when, and it is brought into my attention some way.

If you are trying to free up yourself money-wise, cell phones are another big expense. (At least for me-lol) I used mine mostly for business though- personally I don’t like being accessible 24/7. So take some time do some research, look for plans that offer less minutes, different companies. There are a lot of pay as you go plans now and also plans if you want to have your phone for driving or emergencies. When I called my wireless company and let them know my situation, they were eager to keep me as a customer. I started by bumping down the minutes. Also, if you call and let your provider know that you are considering stopping service entirely, they will give you other options first. So keep that in mind. Most are willing to work with you because they want your business.

Take your time with this process, there is no need to rush. Obviously you will know what is best for you and what needs attention first. If you don’t, pray and ask the Divine, your Angels and/or Guides for answers and help. Take some time to quiet your mind and relax, even if it is just for 5 minutes. Heaven will answer, we just have to be patient and surrender it also to the Universe so Heaven can help. This is an important thing many of us miss- we may worry or obsess about a situation, but really it helps us more to just let it go… Worrying is not going to accomplish anything but make you feel worse. (Take it from someone who knows all too well-lol) I know how challenging it can be sometimes. I think overall, many people are conditioned to worry and feel like it is “doing something” about your situation but truly it is not. It is more based on a lack of faith. Remember, choose peace and what makes you feel good, including thoughts of peace. You do have the power to change your situations and whatever you are not happy about.

If you need to distract yourself from thinking about it then go ahead. Allow yourself time for something you’ve put off, make time for fun or good movie or a book, a walk outdoors…

Your answer may arrive in the form of repetitive thoughts or it may be an idea you keep having. Even if it makes no logical sense, trust your intuition. It may very well be the answer to your prayers. Many times the heart or Divine does not make logical sense because the heart operates on the higher frequency and energy of love. Does the idea/thought bring you good feelings? Trust the feelings and the feelings in your body. You may hear a name being repeated to you or a place, an idea that the universe puts out there to you... ;) Breathe and know all is well. Just trust and have faith.

Whatever you are thinking too much about, choose to let it go for now. Especially today! Allow the Universe, Divine, your soul to intervene for you. Choose thoughts of peace and what makes you feel good. Take some time tonight and in the days ahead to think about what you really want and become clear about it. This is a powerful and amazing time to put forth changes our hearts desire!

If you are interested in reading about a Full Moon Release, scroll down and you'll find it here 10/3/09 in older posts.

I’ll be writing a Part II very soon, especially in regards to home clutter clearing.

Happy Equinox Cosmic Family and Magickal, Blissful Blessings to all of you!

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