Saturday, October 3, 2009

Full Moon Release

This month's full moon falls on Sunday October 4th in Aries. Full moons are a great time to release anything that is weighing heavy on the heart & soul.
To do this, find a quiet space during the evening of the full moon. The full moon lasts for 2-3 days, so even if you don't do it on the first night of the full moon, it's ok.
It may help to set the mood by lighting a candle and/or putting on whatever music relaxes you. Write out everything on a piece of paper that is bothering you, concerning you, etc.. Or anything you would like to be free of.
Take your time thinking about this. Sometimes what I like to do is allow myself to feel the feelings, then visualize casting them into the paper, where it will be stored temporarily. It may help to visualize the emotions as an object and/or you may also focus in on this with your hands, guiding the energy into the paper. (It is best to do this ONLY if you are going to burn the paper immediately afterwards though!)

Next find a spot outdoors where it is safe to burn the paper. Make sure you have taken measures to shield yourself in a bubble of white light or colored light of your choice.
Set your fire up and before burning the paper in the fire, ask for angelic, heavenly or Divine assistance from deities/Goddesses of your choosing to help you completely let go and release what need be. (Put it in your own words) ;) Put the intention out there to purify and cleanse your energy and your heart and to be free from toxic emotions.
Toss your paper into the flame. You may find it helps to add purifying herbs also such as sage, rosemary or cedar.
Then as you are watching this paper burn, take deep breaths, feel all that 'negative stuff' dissolve from your being. Allow it to be completely transmuted.
You may also call forth St. Germaine and angels of the Violet Flame to help you with this. Visualize the flames as violet and purifying all the energy you put out there.
For more info on the violet flame, click here:
Another idea is to visualize a flower of light in the flames (or any symbol you feel is best) after everything is burned away.

Once you feel you are done, and the paper is good and gone, turned to ash, thank the Divine helpers for their assistance. Allow the energy of the Moon to bathe you. Feel the moon's silvery light engulf you and let that energy fill your being as you take in more slow, deep breaths.
Sometimes I like to bring a selenite or moonstone crystal outdoors also for this, while I sit under the moon.
Sit as long as you like outside. And if you feel a little frolick or dance coming on, then go for it! (Lol)
Magickal Blessings to you and yours~

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