Monday, October 12, 2009

Animal Messenger~Vulture~

Today I asked for a Divine animal messenger to come forward. Here is some information about the vulture.

Vulture represents: Purification, Death & Rebirth, New Vision
Vulture is one of the most misunderstood birds, and yet it is one of the most powerful and mystical in many societies. The Egyptian Goddess of truth and fairness, Maat, is usually depicted carrying a feather of a vulture. If you are going through a particularly difficult period now, it is a promise that the suffering of the immediate is temporary and necessary for a higher purpose at work, even if it is not understood at the time. It reflects that no matter how difficult the life conditions, rescue is as imminent in your life as was the rescue of Prometheus by Hercules. Even if "death" seems like a negative term, it is actually positive. Through this process, we are born again. (Similar to the Phoenix, bursting into flames, then reborn again from the ash.)

The turkey vulture also aids in the seeing of energy and auras, since they can see thermal energy rising from the earth from up in the sky. If a turkey vulture has come into your life, you will probably soon start to see colors, light and energy around people and things.

Interestingly, the vulture has no "real" voice. To some this may reflect the lesson of acting versus talking, performing rather than talking about performing.

Vulture also reminds us to pay attention to how one feels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually after eating foods. So take note of your digestive system and patterns. Vulture can help us discover which foods to avoid and which to increase.

For more great information about the language of animal spirits and totems,
check out Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

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