Saturday, February 16, 2013

Coming out of the Cocoon & Happenings

Hello & Blessings everyone~
Its been quite a while since I have posted.  How are you all doing and how has your 2013 been so far?  Thank you to all those of you who are subscribed, follow and those who still read here. 
As its probably reflected in this blog, I have been intensely spiritual for years now.  I took my work and healing (for myself & others, the planet) seriously.  It's still very important to me, I've just learned to chill over the years.  Eventually I arrived at a point where I felt like all of it to say this..that it was no longer as helpful and (I became lazy-just kidding-not really)  I had reached a new level, so to speak.  Which includes sharing more of me, my life.  After all, being spiritual is really learning how to be yourself! (Your true self that is)  I still work with my crystals & flower essences, just more mellow on the intensity.  I made many batches of essences before and hope to create more in the near future.  Anyway, I am slowly coming out of hibernation mode now.  Which actually has felt like perpetual hibernation-lol.

Last July, I had a baby girl!  She is an amazing little angel and sooo full of energy!  Her pregnancy and birth especially was quite a wild ride- there was so much we both went through and also so much I have learned.  I will most likely be posting her birth story later.  My plan was a home water birth, which took a while to fall into place- as Illinois has some of the most rigid laws & not many midwives available- but I ended up needing an emergency C-section with little one.  After 50-some hours of labor (yes, sadly that is correct)  I could not go on much more & her heart  rate started to spontaneously drop.  She was positioned in such a way where she was low in my pelvis but her head & neck were arched back and pushing on my spine/tailbone area, so that was another reason why things were more difficult.
I’m so glad she is here with us and is well, that we both got through everything ok.  Little baby S is definitely a strong and Divine star being.  The entire time I felt a higher Divine power guiding and protecting us, which was comforting.  There were definitely many angels helping! 
Anyway, being a new mommy is exciting and also has taken up more of my time than I anticipated.  And I have to say, parenting really is one of the toughest jobs I’ve done (Next to the labor/birth-and this whole ascension thing of course-lol)  I love our little angel with all my heart.  There are also some days I feel like my sanity is dwindling.  We also have two “elderly” half Siamese cat sisters with some health issues and I need to feed the furry babies 6 times a day.   In addition, we have a feathered family member-a parrot-Capt. Squawk box- haha.  (That’s not his name, just one of the many things I call him.)   We adopted him years ago.  Soo… I am hoping things are beginning to smooth over and I can start posting more.  

I’ve had so much I want to share and many ideas up in my ‘memory warehouse’.  I am trying to get backinto the swing of things and make time for me also.  Besides taking care of myself, commiting to something that fulfills me every day, even if its just 10 minutes.  The sleep deprivation and stress kind of squelched my creative mojo and I developed quite a talent for procrastinating.  (actually something I’ve been good at for a long time-haha)  Writing especially has always been a passion of mine so I really want to put forth the effort I intended.  And not edit myself so much.  I have started making more herbal recipes, raw chocolates, cooking veg dishes more again also.    By the way, those of you who don’t know me, I am addicted to chocolate!   The raw cacao is what I like most so at least its healthier.   Here is a pic of the raw chocolate hearts I made~ some plain, some with goji berries & pecans, some with coconut.  All delightful!  
Last month was my birthday, and I got a “be nice to yourself” raw Burrito Loco and also a raw chocolate raspberry piece of cake from one of my fav restaurants in the area, Borrowed Earth Café.  The burrito had big sides of greens with tasty dressing!  

For Valentine’s Day, my hubby and I both gave each other chocolate-lol-go figure!  One of my favorite kinds is by Sacred Chocolate.. Sooo amazing.  Check them out if you haven’t already.  The heart bars are decadent!  The Mylk is my favorite along with Gold Ormus.   I copied a pic from their website since my camera was out of juice. (courtesy of  
The mint, white passion, india sunset all rock too!  For dinner that evening, we had the vegetarian dinner for two from Whole Foods.  It was very good!  It came with butternut squash soup, mushroom risotto and a walnut/cranberry greens salad.  Yum! 
I will post the raw chocolate heart recipe info later if you all are interested.  Until next time~Wishing you all the best in your life and smooth, fun waves of Love all-ways.  From my heart to yours!


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