Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oracle for today ♥Six of Hearts ♥

Six of Hearts from The Inner Child Tarot cards by Isha Lerner
I love these beautiful fairy tale like cards! What a Joyful message today~ and of course, we Mermaids and Merangels love our kin Merfolk!!! ;)

"It is an ancient belief that storks are heralds of new life. They are seen frequenting ponds and marshes, which has given rise to the belief that the spirits of unborn children wait in these places, seeking a new mother or a new life. Thus, storks are known as soul carriers. In this card, something holy is occurring. Five mermaids are joining with each other and rising from the sea. The sixth mermaid, flying upon a stork, is offering a spiritual lifeline from above. In ecstasy, the five emerge from the ocean, representing the unconscious, into the air and sunlight, representing higher revelations. They rejoice as they touch one another and reach skyward. A transition is taking place. It is as if emotions have surfaced and are now being released. Imagine that the sea has claimed your tears and the Sun is drying your eyes. This is an inner healing, and one that you deserve. The number 6 represents Divine wisdom, harmony, support, dedication, and unity. It can also signify the need to balance your emotional life. This may be the time for a healing or resolution of a conflict with a loved one. A deep, heartfelt connection with your friends or community may be happening."

~Mermaid Blessings~

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